As an objective we have proposed to use our textiles for the regulation of light and solar energy in a way that allows to generate ideal conditions for housing and work spaces. Whether it is a new construction or the renovation of an existing one, our fabrics improve the indoor climate, providing not only protection against glare, but also visual protection and energy saving.

Our products are responsible for regulating the incidence, intensity and light distribution. In addition, they avoid the incidence of infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which helps to reduce energy costs in the long term, they are flame retardant and suitable for use in buildings.


100% recyclable and recycled ° Metallized fabrics by means of evaporation, at high aluminum vacuum.
° Better vision oh the exterior.
° Control of glare.
° Decrease in contrasts.
° Reduction of solar radiation.
° Maintains room temperature indoors by decreasing heat input.
° For facades with large windows, the temperature does not vary in the crystals.
° Savings in electricity (air conditioning, and heating) = return on investment.
° Reduction of CO2 emissions.


° 20 years warranty on mechanisms
° 10 years of cloth guarantees
° 5 years warranty on engines

The blinds are manufactured with European and American fabrics that comply with all production and marketing standards of the country of origin, so it is considered that they approved the most demanding standards worldwide.


Tenemos un tejido especial para cada proyecto, el cual ofrece características únicas, como el control de la privacidad, protección del mobiliario contra los rayos UV y un aspecto homogéneo.



Cationic polyester is that has been chemically modified to possess a permanent cationic, or positive, charge. Although the concept of cationic treated has been available for many years, this innovative technology has continued to grow in popularity among companies exploring ways to reduce water, energy and chemical consumption in the development of their products.

When immersed in water, polyester possesses a neutral or mildly negative charge.. Like common poles of magnets, same charges repel each other. Cationic treated polyester is chemically modified to possess a permanent cationic, or positive charge, making it easier to dye and increasing dye utilization.

This in turn creates a shorter and more efficient dyeing process that utilizes less water, energy and chemicals. Polyester can be treated with the cationic process in fiber, yarn, or fabric form.

Cationic yarns reflects solar glare and heat for cooler temperatures in the summer while the insulating construction reduces drafts, air conditioning and heating bills.


Since its introduction in 1992, the main objective of the STAND 100 by OEKO-TEX® is to develop test criteria, limits and test methods on a scientific basis. Its extensive and strict catalog of measurements, with several hundred specific regulated substances, allows the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® to consider:

° Important legal regulations such as prohibited azo dyes, formaldehyde, pentachlorophenol, cadmium, nickel, etc.
° Numerous chemicals harmful to health, even if they are not yet regulated by legislation.

° Requirements of Annexes XVII and XIV of the European Regulation on REACH Chemical Substances, as well as of the list of SVCH Candidate Substances of ECHA (European Chemical Substances Agency), provided, in the opinion of the Community expert group OEKO-TEX®, are relevant for fabrics, textile products, garments or accessories. The debates and developments that are considered relevant are incorporated as quickly and effectively as possible by updates to the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® requirements.
° US Consumer Product Safely Improvement Act (CPSIA) requirements for lead.


° Classification conditions B1
The minimum residual length is 150mm. The maximum temperature of the smoke is 200 ° C.
° Classification conditions B2
The time to reach the marked point is at least 20 seconds. The paper does not burn. The drops are scorching for a maximum of 2 seconds.
° Fire gallery test
Inside a test chamber containing a burner, a test sample is hung in a vertical position. For 10 minutes, a flame and a constant flow of air from below are applied simultaneously. The temperature of the smoke and the length of the undamaged part of the sample are measured.

° German standard DIN 4102 (B1) Test B2
The test sample is placed in a test frame that hangs in a test chamber. For 15 seconds, a burner flame is applied. The time it takes to reach a marked point is measured. With the help of a paper placed below the sample, the presence of searing drops is observed.
° German standard result DIN 4102 (B1)
The material is classified as:
-B1 schwerentflammbare Stoffe;
-B2 normalentflammbare Stoffe;
-B3 leichtentflammbare Stoffe.

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard of quality management systems provides the infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources needed to help organizations control and improve their performance and lead them towards efficiency, customer service and product excellence.

° Location evaluation and specific conditions of the organization.
° Compression of the requirements of the standard and progress in compliance.
° Compilation of information about the scope of their management system, its processes and location, legal, regulatory and compliance aspects related.

Information and proof of compliance with all the requirements of the standard.
° Monitoring, measurement, registration and review in accordance with the key objectives and goals.
Its management system and results in relation to legal compliance.
° Control of operations.
° Internal audits and management review.
° Responsibility of the direction of the policies of your organization, procedures, performance data and results of internal audits.


Sustainable Sites
1 | Credit 8 Reduction of light pollution
Energy and Atmosphere
1-10 | Credit 1 Optimization of energy Performance
1 | Credit 5 Refrigerant handling
1 | Credit 6 Report of reduction of emissions
Indoor Environmental Quality -
1 | Credit 1.1 Management practices for the improvement of indoor air quality management program
1 | Credit 2.1 Comfort of the Occupants - Survey
1 | Credit 2.2 Occupants Comfort - Occupants Controlled Lighting
1 | Credit 2.3 Comfort of the Occupants Monitoring Comfort Thermal
1 | Credit 2.4 Daylight occupancy and perspectives 50% light / 45% perspective

1 | Credit 2.5 Daylight occupancy and perspectives 75% in the 90% perspective
1 | Credit 6.1 Control the ability of lighting systems 1 | Credit 6.2 Controllability of thermal comfort systems
1 | Credit 7.1 Thermal comfort - design
1 | Credit 8.1 Daylight and light - day perspectives in 75% of the spaces
1 | Credit 8.2 Daylight and perspectives - Daylight in 90% of spaces
Materials & Resources
1 | Credit 3 Sustainable purchase -
Innovation & Design Process
Credit 1.1 - 1.4 Innovation in design
Credit 1.1 - 1.4 Innovation in operations


The Skyline system is the flagship of the Rollease product line. The Skyline System offers a sleek profile with quiet
solutions ideal for both residential & commercial applications.

• Minimal light gaps
• Color coded brackets and covers

• Greater flexibility in installation with spring loaded pin end
• Crown, drive and adapters available to suit variety of tube sizes
• Works with all current Rollease hardware systems

• Internal spring arrangement ensures remarkably smooth operation
• Spring loaded end plugs are forgiving in installation
• Hooks on clutches ensure very fast installation
• Long-lasting product with limited life time warranty
• Exterior versions available

1) Skyline Clutch
2) Chain
3) Skyline Adapter
4) Skyline Pin End
5) Skyline Bracket
6) Skyline Bracket Cover
7) Aluminium Tube
8) Tension / Hold Down Devices